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Calgary Film 2018: Under the Silver Lake

By Thomas Johnson, October 7 2018 —

Under the Silver Lake, a Calgary Film entry by director David Robert Mitchell (It Follows), takes place in a version of Los Angeles that seems surreal through outsider eyes. Sam, an easily distracted, … Read the rest


Calgary Film 2018: Shoplifters

By Jocelyn Illing, October 6 2018 —

Walking into the ice-box theatre, I wondered to myself if the film I was about to watch was going to be worth the bitter cold. A few friends had seen it the previous … Read the rest


Calgary Film 2018: Pity

By Thomas Johnson, October 3 2018 —

The premise of Babis Makridis’s Pity, at its shallowest depth, is one of an otherwise successful man, known as The Lawyer, coping with a wife-shaped hole in his life that’s newly depressed every … Read the rest


Calgary Film 2017: Loveless

By Jen Sidorova, October 20 2017 —

Loveless centres on the divorce of middle-class couple Zhenya and Boris and its effects on their family. It’s a seemingly ordinary tale, with the now ex-couple selling their apartment, living with new lovers … Read the rest

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