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Calgary Film 2017: Izzy Gets the Fuck Across Town

By Drew Thomas, September 28 2017 — 

As far as movie titles go, this one perfectly outlines the premise — Izzy definitely gets the fuck across town. The playful, punk dramedy Izzy Gets the Fuck Across Town is a straightforward portrayal of the inescapability of destiny with a darker twist, as terrible people justify their decisions as the intervention of fate.

Lead actress Mackenzie Davis sports some of the best crazy eyes in the business as she begs, borrows and steals across town as Izzy. The film is decorated with familiar faces and the occasional quick-witted comment, providing the medium for super topical jokes as you slip slowly into the veiled madness.

Izzy embarks on an unenviable day that starts with hangover-induced dream sequences that will make you regret your own bad decisions. It quickly spirals out of control. In true millennial style, she finds out via Instagram that her former beau Roger, played by Alex Russel, is engaged to her old best friend. A journey of inexplicable chaos follows as she races to break up his engagement party. Her path runs the gamut of interesting side characters, including laissez-faire mechanics and her sister who is willing to burn her whole life down to prove a point.

The film is fun and fast-paced, with Davis providing a real sense of urgency and unease when paired with a spectacular score. While Izzy fights to justify her need to break up Roger’s engagement, we see other characters provide their own perspectives with equal parts cheerfulness and gut-wrenching cynicism.

Viewers begin to root for Izzy half way through the film as she trudges through the mountain of everyone else’s baggage before pursuing her own goals. Dubious motives aside, the film shows a determination that few films can convey and does so through tone and body language alone.

Pivotal moments are expressed through eye contact, physical connections and some truly spectacular expletives to bring us ricocheting to the supposed final stop of Izzy’s journey. Spoiler alert, she gets the fuck across town. Whether she crushes her ex’s engagement on time or not seems almost irrelevant, as the backdrop of one women’s extreme faith in fate is most salient in the film.

Like your favourite movie, you’ll think you know what’s coming next, but this movie will continue to surprise you until the credits roll. It will leave you wondering if everything happened that way for a reason.

If you missed the Calgary Film screening of Izzy Gets the Fuck Across Town, maybe it was fate. Or maybe you should take control and see this movie the first chance you get.

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