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Public transit needs space to expand

The City of Calgary’s proposed transit expansion has its usual group of naysayers. They’re homeowners who bemoan the changing character of their neighbourhoods, developers who prefer expressways and car owners who are worried about losing their space on the roads. … Read the rest


West Campus ready for development

By Fabian Mayer, May 21 2015 —

More details about the planned West Campus development have been released.

The West Campus Development Trust (WCDT) is in charge of designing and planning the new community, which will be built on the … Read the rest


Independent media still matters

Two weeks ago there was an outpouring of love and emotion on social media when Fast Forward (FFWD) announced the paper would stop printing on March 5. For the last 19 years, the free altweekly has been the defacto chronicle … Read the rest


Council under the influence

By Ashley Grey, January 29 2015 —

Alcohol and work should never mix. Yet last week’s city council meeting wasted time arguing whether councillors should be able to drink on the job.

The fact that this is even being discussed … Read the rest


GIRAF animation festival celebrates 10 years

By Jason Herring, November 20 2014 —

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, Calgary’s Giant Incandescent Resonating Animation Festival (GIRAF) aims to showcase the versatility of animation and exhibit a selection of local and international animated films.

Quickdraw Animation Society, … Read the rest


Tips for surviving a Calgary winter

By Derek Baker, November 20, 2014 —

After three and a half days of autumn, the chilly fingers of winter have tightened their grip around the city. If this is your first winter in Calgary, or if you need a … Read the rest

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