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How to Teach Climate Change to Undergrads

By Chris Adams,  July 30 2015 —

[dropcap style=”normal”]W[/dropcap]hat do you count as the most practical post-secondary degree you can get? Finance? Engineering? Something in the sciences? Prevailing wisdom suggests the most valuable degrees get you a job, preferably immediately … Read the rest

Bribes shouldn’t win elections

Millions of Canadian parents opened their mailboxes this week to find government cheques worth between $400–500 per child. The money is part of the Harper government’s expanded universal child-care benefit (UCCB) program.

UCCB payment amounts were increased by the Conservatives … Read the rest

New Music: Titus Andronicus

By Jason Herring, July 30 2015 —

I was eager to dismiss Titus Andronicus’ new album, The Most Lamentable Tragedy, after finding out that it’s a rock opera. Rock operas have a reputation of being bulky and pretentious, and it’s … Read the rest

New Music: Owl City

By Derek Baker, July 30 2015 —

Adam Young’s latest album, Mobile Orchestra, comes at a time when the electronic music scene is dominated by bass-heavy electronic dance music (EDM). Young, better known as Owl City, tries to keep pace … Read the rest

New Music: Tame Impala

By Jason Herring, July 30 2015 —

It’s been a busy few years for Kevin Parker, the driving force behind Australian psychedelic-rock group Tame Impala. After the release of the stellar album Lonerism in 2013, the band shot to fame, … Read the rest

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