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Jamie xx HiFi anniversary set lives up to the hype

By Hayden McBennett, July 30 2015 —

HiFi Club brought famed electronic musician Jamie xx to town to kick off their 10th anniversary celebrations on Wednesday July 22.

The highly touted show sold out  almost immediately, due in part to the massive popularity of Jamie’s new album, In Colour. A scruffy man in a ball cap and worn-out jeans greeted show-goers outside with the offer of $150 in exchange for a last-minute ticket.

Local act Small Town DJs opened the show with vibrant electronic beats to match the room’s anticipatory energy.

Jamie took stage just before midnight. The crowd was enthralled, staying that way for the entirety of his nearly two-hour-long set.

Jamie eased into the night with droning, trance-inducing bass leading into the song “All Under One Roof Raving.” The dedication of the crowd was apparent, with EDM-loving bass heads and well-dressed hipsters bobbing along and chanting the sparse lyrics. The evening lacked the typical too-drunk patrons of the club, which left the room emanating positivity.

Jamie xx is touring to promote his new album, In Colour. // NRK P3

Jamie xx is touring to promote his new album, In Colour. // NRK P3

The set progressed through a variety of genres, including funk, electronic and jazz. Jamie even played some of the tracks he’s sampled from, like Idris Muhammad’s classic “Could Heaven Ever be Like This.”

The lighting for the show added to the overall experience. From the timing to the colour, it was spectacularly well-done and perfectly matched the feeling of the show.

But the best aspect of the night was Jamie’s demeanor. He bobbed around for the entire set with the kind of boyish charm you’d expect to find at a child’s piano recital. His shyness and modesty was endearing, making the crowd feel like they might be the first group of people he’s played for.

When he was finally finished, Jamie left with a nervous smile and an awkward thumbs up, a surprisngly fitting end to an incredible night of music.

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