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New Music: Kanye West

By Matthew Herring, November 5 2019 —

Last year was a bad year for Kanye West. From his unrelenting Twitter presence to the messy release of the lackluster Ye, few days passed without Kanye’s name hogging the headlines. While West … Read the rest

New Music: Kanye West

By Thomas Johnson, June 1 2018 — 

One the one hand, Kanye West’s intemperate mood swings make it near-impossible to objectively critique his lyrical content. On the other hand, by this point — two decades into his undeniable reign as … Read the rest

Is ethical consumption of music possible?

By Jason Herring, March 1 2016 —

The rollout of Kanye West’s new album, The Life of Pablo, was a complete mess. West finally released the album, known at various points in its history as WAVES, SWISH and So Help … Read the rest

New Music: Kanye West

By Kent Wong, February 23 2016 —

Kayne West last touched our lives in 2013 with his seventh album, Yeezus. His long-anticipated follow-up, The Life of Pablo, is a thematically confused album marred by name changes and delays. But even … Read the rest

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