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Koi keeps afloat with community fundraiser

By Thomas Johnson, September 26 2018 —

On Sept. 3, the Keep Koi Afloat fundraiser was held at Inglewood’s Festival Hall to support Koi’s invaluable presence in Calgary’s musical community. Koi, formerly known as Café Koi, is an integral venue … Read the rest


New Music: Grouper

By Jason Herring, April 26 2018 —

For over a decade, Liz Harris has been creating a lot with a little. As Grouper, Harris generates music that’s breathtakingly sparse, with echoed guitar strums and an analog hiss providing a minimal … Read the rest


New Music: Dom Fricot

By Rachel Woodward, March 23 2018 — 

Dom Fricot, a Vancouver-grown singer-songwriter, takes a giant leap forward as an artist with his third release, Deserts. Moving towards a more experimental and electronic sound, Fricot’s 2018 release is a well-rounded and … Read the rest

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