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Parking prices in Art Parkade rise by $2

By Scott Strasser, May. 14, 2014 —

Parking prices for the Art Parkade and three other lots on campus went up earlier this month.

Daily parking costs increased from $8 to $10 at the Art Parkade, making it the most expensive parking lot on campus.

Students can now expect to pay $7 to park in lots 10, 11 and 32 — up $1 from last year. This is the second year in a row that prices have increased by $1.

Monthly parking permits and four-month passes for lots at McMahon Stadium and Spy Hill will stay the same. The hourly rate for shortterm and visitor parking lots are also unchanged.

Fourth-year communications student Mark Bulger is not pleased with the price hike.

“I think it’s a total cash cow. They know people have to drive and need to park somewhere,” Bulger said.

Associate director of Parking and Transportation Susan Austen said campus parking prices are based on what other institutions are charging.

“Our pay model is based on a survey and an assessment of what’s called ‘like properties’,” Austen said. “We look at that survey and at what others are charging, which gives us a sense of the market.”

Austen said she hopes the increase will encourage students to use public transit.

“If you charge $2 to park,nobody is going to take the train. You have to make a balancing decision between all those factors,” she said.

Prices won’t be the only changes made at U of C parking lots this year. Parking metres resembling those downtown that allow parkers to pay using their debit cards will be installed soon.


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