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Producer’s art background influences his sound

By Kaleem Khan, May. 29, 2014 —

Taylor Kline, who produces electronic music under his last name, is a Calgary-based music producer, artist and painter. Kline’s unique approach to his music has allowed him to open for artists such as Hudson Mohawke, XXYYXX and, most recently, Bonobo.

“I started making music two-and-a-half years ago. It was kind of funny. I was going
through a weird time and I didn’t want to reflect how I was feeling in my paintings,” says Kline. “All my friends were mentioning Ableton [music software] so I started making these melancholy hip hop beats. I just made them through how I was feeling.”

Kline graduated from Vancouver’s Emily Carr University of Art and Design. While there, his restlessness led him to dabble in different mediums.

“My whole experience was that in various programs, they would pigeonhole and label you as a designer, illustrator or painter. I ended up deciding to get a regular bachelor of fine arts and take in whatever I could,” says Kline.

Kline’s production relies on sound techniques he learned in film classes at Emily Carr.

“All those classes taught me about synthesis, frequencies, and panning. How to evoke emotion and how important sound is for film. That reflected how I would make music. It’s about creating a weird and dynamic story,” says Kline.

“A lot of my stuff has volume changes and echoes. Even in the club, a lot of my stuff is bass heavy, and tries to create an environment and evoke feelings.”

Kline’s latest track, “Anything Can Happen,” is a collaboration with Vancouver vocalist Oshea Adams. The track is featured on the Parables Volume 2 compilation, released by Symbols Recordings — a record label run by LA-based DJ and producer Kastle.

The release offers Kline and Adams considerable exposure.

“Sure, we’ve been getting exposure, but for the both of us, it’s for fun. We’re not taking things too seriously. We’re trying to tell stories and get our emotions out. We’re not trying to become world producers, we’re just here for the ride and having fun.”

Despite recent success, Kline remains focused on making and producing music.

“In the future, I want to have more releases and collaborate way more than I am. I’m not looking too far into the future,” says Kline. “If I ever came across the opportunity to play across Canada, I would really look forward to something like that, but I’m keeping my head down and putting in work.”

Having played at popular Canadian music festivals such as Shambhala and Bass Coast, Kline is now slated to play Calgary’s renowned Sled Island Music and Arts Festival. The schedule is now available.

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