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Fabian Mayer

Handgun discovery withheld from staff and students

By Fabian Mayer, October 9 2015 — 

Two unloaded handguns were found on the University of Calgary campus on Aug. 27. Information about the incident was withheld from students and staff until now.

According to head of Campus Security Brian Sembo, a contractor found the guns and turned them over to Campus Security, who then contacted the Calgary Police Service.

Sembo said students and staff were not informed because the police claimed there was no threat to students and staff. Police also asked Campus Security not to reveal details while the investigation is ongoing.

“Had I felt there was a concern with this, if there was some other information, for example, there was any risk at all to students staff or faculty — we would have released the information,” Sembo said.

Campus Security conducted a sweep of the area where the guns were found, but did not find any further firearms or ammunition. Sembo could not reveal where on campus the guns were found, but was able to rule out some areas.

“There was a rumor that they were located in residence. I can absolutely assure you they were not located in any residential areas,” Sembo said.

Students’ Union president Levi Nilson said he only found out about the incident after being asked to comment on the matter by a reporter. Nilson claims he is okay with not being told about the discovery.

“It would have been nice, but I think they were doing what they were told [by police],” Nilson said.

Nilson thinks Campus Security acted appropriately, saying he “trusts the cops on this one.”

He believes incidents should be looked at on a case-by-case basis and that the university should provide students with information whenever possible.

“In instances when police don’t ask them specifically, I think students should have the right to know,” Nilson said.

Two suspects have been identified, but no charges have been laid.

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