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How to play it safe with anal sex

By Gauntlet sex columnist, January 26, 2016 —

When did anal sex get so popular? Not too long ago it was widely considered a taboo act reserved for gay couples. But last year it was the most googled term in Prince Edward Island — way to go, PEI.

But increased popularity leads to an increased risk of injuries like anal fissures. Good luck convincing your partner to try anal again after that awkward hospital trip. Here are some pointers to make sure you — or your partner — aren’t turned off anal forever.

Porn may have convinced you otherwise, but fluids from the human body — like the mouth or vagina — cannot sufficiently lubricate an object for anal sex. This is important, as you can cause a tear if you don’t use lube.

If you’re going to try anal, buy some quality lube. I recommend using a mixture of silicone and water-based lube. You can also find lube designed for anal — Sliquid Sassy is a good choice. Remember to use a lot, probably twice as much as you think is necessary.

Another big misconception lies around condom usage. You should use condoms for anal. For starters, it’s a good habit to have. And if your penis has fecal matter on it and you put it in a vagina, you’ll give your partner an infection. But if you’re using a condom, you can switch it and keep going, which is faster than going to disinfect yourself. And if you’re a considerate partner, condoms limit clean up, unless you want your partner to have some awkward bowel movements in the near future.

If you’re an anal beginner, you’ll also want to take it slow — glacially slow. If you bring the idea up to your partner, give it a few weeks before a penis enters an asshole. Start small. Suggest your partner try masturbating with a plug or dildo in their ass. Trust me, your eyes are bigger than your asshole. Maybe have some mutual masturbation sessions with plugs in — bonus points if both parties use them.

Can anal be uncomfortable? Yes. You have an object in your ass. But it can also be pleasureable. People with prostates enjoy receiving anal because it stimulates the organ, which can induce powerful orgasms if done correctly. Anal sex can also stimulate the g-spot, as the lining of the rectum is thin enough that pressure can be felt in the vagina.

These are just a few pointers to prevent unnecessary risks, but if you’re serious about doing anal, I suggest you do some research. Make sure to take it slow, have lots of foreplay, use a ton of lube and communicate. If something feels wrong, stop immediately. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t worry. It certainly isn’t for everyone. And make sure to have fun — after all, it’s only sex.

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