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Beware the pies of March

By Jill Girgulis, March 11 2016 —

The Engineering Students’ Society is teaming up with the Faculty of Arts Students’ Association and the Residence Students’ Association for the University of Calgary’s annual Pi week, where students can exact revenge on their peers while raising money for charity.

The fundraiser runs from March 14 — the calendar representation of the approximation of Pi (3.14) — to March 18. Students can purchase a $5 pie that will be delivered to their classmate of choice and smeared in their face.

Pi Week coordinator Geoffrey Cornish said the event is a tradition for U of C engineers.

“[It’s] a tradition from before I was involved in school — I think it’s 10 years old,” Cornish said.

This year, the event is incorporating two different fundraising initiatives. Pies purchased from FASA will support the Calgary Urban Project Society.

“[CUPS] is really involved in moving Calgarians out of poverty through the three pillars of health, education, and housing,” Cornish said.

All ESS funds will be offered to recent engineering graduate Oliver Descoteaux to help fund his cancer treatment.

“Normally the proceeds to go CUPS,” Cornish said. “We’re trying to fulfill obligations while still helping alumni.”

Pi Week coordinator Farzin Mou believes collaborating with FASA will help raise more money.

“This year we figured, why not expand to other faculties?” Mou said. “Eventually the plan is to make it an entire school thing.”

Both Mou and Cornish said delivering the pies is the best part of Pi Week.

“It’s probably the look of terror right before you pie someone. I’m not gonna lie — it’s pretty satisfying,” Mou said.

Students have the option of refusing to face the pie — as long as they pay $5 to redirect it. They can also submit an opt-out form, forfeiting their right to send or receive any pies.

Interested students can purchase pies from the Arts or Engineering Lounges for $5 starting on March 11 at 12:00 p.m.

More details about the rules of the event can be found on Facebook.

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