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Four healthy study breaks to try this exam season

By Tommy Osborne, March 28 2017 —

With final exams fast approaching — along with other assignments, papers and lab reports — studying plays a prominent role in a student’s life. Healthy study breaks can leave you feeling energized and give you a refreshed mind, which is important when you’re faced with an ever-increasing workload. This week, the Gauntlet compiled our top four healthy study break habits for your next cram session.


Similar to taking a walk, stretching gets your blood flowing, which can give you a nice, energized feeling. Stretching also helps alleviate muscle tightness in your body that happens as a result from sitting down for an extended period of time. This can be very beneficial when studying, since you’ll be able to focus better if you aren’t distracted by your own body’s discomfort.

Take a walk:

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, taking a walk outside can be a great way to give yourself a study break. The fresh air is always a welcome change after a long session studying indoors. Furthermore, walking releases endorphins in the brain and gets blood flowing through your body, which can boost your mood and leave you feeling refreshed.

Have a healthy snack:

While snacks like chips and sugary treats can leave the body feeling even more fatigued than prior to your break, studies show that healthy snacks leave your body feeling especially energized. This is because sugary snacks cause your blood sugar to spike and then crash, making you feel fatigued. On the other hand, healthy snacks provide you with a long-term energy source, giving you what you need to study efficiently. Snacks like edamame beans, mixed nuts and apples are some of my favourites.

Mind-engaging activities:

While it may be tempting to watch Netflix or spend time on Facebook, these activities will leave you feeling lethargic. Instead, try activities that keep your mind active and ready to go. Activities like adult colouring books can be a great study break past-time. You could draw some pictures on your own as well. Drawing and colouring are great for relaxing and clearing your mind. Playing an instrument is also a fantastic way to take a break from studying. These activities can be incredibly rewarding, since it can be incredibly satisfying when you put the finishing touches on an elaborate colouring page or finally master that song you’ve been practising.

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