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Photos by Miranda Krogstad

Pep up your sandwich game with Kensington’s Peppino

By Miranda Krogstad, May 31, 2017 —

It’s easy to walk right by Peppino if you aren’t looking for it. The Diagon Alley of sandwich shops, Peppino is a hidden gem cut into a brick building on Kensington Road.  

True to its inconspicuous nature, Peppino isn’t a flashy bistro with polished granite counters, overpriced drinks or chalkboard art. An indoor-picnic atmosphere and a four-table patio give it an understated charm.  ENTERTAINMENT_Peppino_MirandaKrogstad-9900

The menu is simple and delicious, from staples like the aptly named Classic to more unique selections like the Vesuvius or the Parmigiana-Cacciatore. And toppings like roasted peppers, artichoke hearts, bocconcini cheese and caramelized onions will take your sandwich game up a notch.  

Peppino’s meat and cheese selection is also something to be reckoned with, ranging from prosciutto and turkey breast to Montreal smoked meat and chicken parmigiana. When their menu boasts the Italian Meatball or the Italian Perfection Club, they mean it.  

There’s also a slew of options for herbivores. If you’re in the mood to indulge, the Eggplant Parmigiana is a saucy, melty, carb-loaded bite of heaven. If you need other ENTERTAINMENT_Peppino_MirandaKrogstad-9917veggie options, there are also plenty of other fresh and flavourful choices.

On top of their sandwiches, Peppino also has daily pasta specials. They range from spaghetti with tomato sauce to more elaborate options like sun-dried tomato alfredo linguine. Luckily, simple does not mean boring. The homemade sauce has more than enough flavour, saving you from having to add any more ingredients to jazz it up.

If you’re looking for a date idea, you can also buy some of Peppino’s items to woo your lover. Their freezers are lined with a range of products including sauces, gelatos and stuffed pastas. Though the take-home options are more expensive, it’s worth the investment to make your own traditional Italian cuisine.

All in all, Peppino offers a student-budget friendly, flavourful and balanced meal. Give it a try next time you’re in Kensington.

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