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Bylaws, Ballroom renovation discussed at penultimate SLC meeting

By Ashar Memon, April 5 2018 —

The April 3 Students’ Legislative Council meeting began with a brief discussion regarding changes to the Students’ Union bylaws brought forward by vice-president operations and finance Ryan Wallace.

The most notable change would allow SLC meetings to continue even if quorum is lost during the meeting — although it would prohibit votes on resolutions until quorum is met again. The bylaws would also allow the SU vice-president operations and finance to request a review of SLC members’ salaries before the regular triennial review.

Another change to the bylaws clarifies that the review board chair can request documents from the SU while adjudicating an appeal, which Wallace said was added after review board decisions were appealed this year. Other changes brought forward include minor modifications to grammar and wording.

The resolution to approve the first reading of the bylaw changes passed unanimously. SLC also unanimously passed the resolution to approve the second reading of a $2-million extra-budgetary expenditure request for MacHall Ballroom renovations.

During executive reports, Wallace said he finalized the remuneration review for SLC members, assisted with the SU annual policy review and completed his trimester report which he said will present to SLC next week.

Vice-president academic Tina Miller said her report was available online, along with the reports of other absent SU executives.

During faculty representative reports, science representative Omer Mansoor said over 250 people registered for the Faculty of Science year-end gala. Veterinary medicine representative Julie Choi said she organized a faculty-wide easter egg hunt to help students de-stress ahead of exams.

During announcements, Miller announced Choi as the elected official of the month. Miller also asked SLC to RSVP to Colour Night and the Teaching and Excellence Awards ceremony. Wallace announced that the SU will be handing out de-stress kits to students starting next week.

The final SLC meeting of the semester will be on Tuesday, April 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the MacHall Executive Council Chamber.

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