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Temporary traffic lights installed near Olympic Oval

By Matty Hume, July 17 2018 —

If you park in either Lot 10 or 11, you’ve probably already noticed the temporary traffic signals at the intersection of Collegiate Road and Collegiate Boulevard.

The purpose of the signals was outlined in a health and safety newsletter sent out to University of Calgary staff on July 11.

“The signals will be in place all summer to help control the critical interaction between pedestrians and vehicles,” read the newsletter. “Drivers and pedestrians should observe and respect the lights when entering the intersection.”

According to the U of C, there is increased traffic due to the high quantity of youth summer camps hosted at the U of C during the summer months.

“The signals are temporary only for the summer camp season and were put in to help keep pedestrians safe during the busy drop-off and pick-up times,” an internal university source said in an email. “There is an average of 1,200 young campers dropped off and picked up in the field there each day during the week through the summer.”

It is unclear whether a permanent installation of traffic signals is being considered for the future. For now, be aware that the intersection of Collegiate Road and Collegiate Boulevard is not a four-way stop, at least for the remainder of the summer.

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