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Lady Marmalade contemplates squirting

By Lady Marmalade, November 1 2018 —

If you have a vagina, there’s a chance that you have encountered a strange phenomenon during intercourse, masturbation or other internal or external stimulation. You may have felt pressure and then thought to yourself, “Did I just pee?”

In all honesty, you might have. That happens sometimes. However, this phenomenon might also be something the porn industry has made popular: squirting. And as someone who has recently added this supposedly mythical feat to my sexual repertoire, I can say with confidence — that ain’t pee.

Or, it might be. It’s something that has been researched very little despite reports that almost half of people with vaginas have done it. Thanks to the glorious porn industry, squirting has a weird reputation, usually involving a plastic tarp for easy clean-up and copious amounts of fluid splashing, gushing and spraying onto more lubed-up bodies. But in reality, squirting — or female ejaculation, as it is sometimes called — ranges from person to person and may only result in a small amount of fluid being released from around the vaginal opening.

In 2014, the Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study to examine how “squirting” takes place. After studying the vagina, pelvis and bladder of seven healthy individuals before, during and after sexual arousal and subsequent squirting, a few things were made apparent. The study states that the fluid seems to originate from the bladder and therefore is comprised of urine. But as someone who has squirted before, I can tell you that what resulted didn’t look, smell or seem like pee at all. In fact, the liquid that came out of my vagina during sex was clear and odourless. And trust me, I’m not just well-hydrated.

Newer studies have found that the origin of squirting may actually come from the Skene’s gland, which is located in the anterior wall of the vagina, near the ‘G-spot,’ which makes sense because the experiences I’ve had when squirting has taken place involves lots of stimulation of the G-spot. As a building of sensations occurs, the pressure builds as well, resulting in a waterfall-like release. The first time I ever squirted, I genuinely thought I had peed all over my partner, but this was not the case. The Skene’s gland is a small opening that has been compared to the male prostate gland because it releases a prostate-specific antigen, which contributes to what comes out when squirting occurs.

Squirting is more common than people realize, but don’t assume its occurrence means you are more skilled in the bedroom. From my own experience, squirting happens separately from orgasm as more of a release of pressure than a climax.

If you have squirted before or do so regularly, congratulations! You just need more towels than the average person. But if you have not or cannot, it’s nothing to worry about, either.

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