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Use collagen to keep your body healthy and strong

By Tori Taylor, June 19 2019—

Collagen is a protein that our bodies produce in large amounts. It can be found in the bones, ligaments, skin and blood. As we age, our bodies slow down on collagen production — amongst other things — and we notice less elasticity in our skin, sticky ligaments, brittle hair and/or nails. There are a few bad lifestlye habits that can rapidly deplete your body’s natural collagen production — notably smoking, sun exposure and unhealthy eating.  

If you often have dry skin, thin nails and/or easily damaged hair then it may be beneficial to start increasing your collagen intake. It’s always a good idea to stay ahead of the aging game. Collagen supplies your skin with a youthful glow because it adds elasticity. It’s also a top-notch anti-aging product when used as a cream or an ingested supplement.

Bone broth has been increasing in popularity over the last several years and collagen is an active agent in this medicinal elixir. Bone broth contains collagen that’s leached from bones boiled in its long, slow process. This protein is involved in your gut’s connective tissue and the protective lining in your digestive tract. If you suffer from digestive issues — Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Leaky Gut Syndrome — it may be beneficial to explore adding more collagen to your diet.  

Bone broth is an awesome and affordable way to start supplementing collagen. If you can get ahold of any types of large bones, you’re set — I often use turkey carcasses after a holiday. In a big stewing pot, combine the bones of your choice, carrots, celery, onion, pepper, turmeric, ginger, and whatever else you’d like. Let this pot boil and then bring it down to a simmer. Leave the pot to simmer for 48 hours. Your house will smell like a feast for a couple of days and, if you have dogs, they’ll be drooling all over. After 48 hours, strain your broth and either can it, store it in the fridge or freeze it.

You might choose to supplement collagen by purchasing a good brand of ingestable collagen at any local health store. It can come as an unflavoured or flavoured powder. . Or you might choose to purchase a mix — collagen + matcha or collagen + coconut — which make delicious at-home lattes or shakes.

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