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Healthy, locally sustainable street-food culture is growing in Calgary

By Tori Taylor, July 22 2019 —

Light years ahead of the ice-cream truck and hot-dog stand are the local food trucks that are colourfully painting inner-city Calgary. They are exotically designed and fill the air with all sorts of mouth-watering aromas. They offer an enormous food range via their sliding truck windows, from Mexican to Ukrainian to Asian Fusion to Italian and beyond. The streets of YYC are lined with drool-worthy snacks and meals. And if you are at all like me — someone who shows up to parties for the food — now you can show up for most local events and festivals just to enjoy the tastebud-tantalizing trucks. 

YYCFoodTrucks is an organization focused on promoting the street food culture in Calgary. Since 2011, food truck culture has been on the rise. The city has welcomed a huge variety of vendors offering locally-made and locally-sourced, highly sustainable, delicious food. These trucks have been a fresh addition to the inner-city vibe, as well as a great avenue for those passionate about unique food to start their own businesses. 

There are several newer food trucks that deserve high praise and a highlight. You can find them all through an app called Streetfoodapp or online at YYCFoodTrucks.com. Upon browsing through a whole bunch of delicious trucks, I gathered together a list of healthier mouth-watering options.

Yummi Yogis: 

This food truck began with two wonderful women looking to serve farm-fresh food to Calgarians at affordable prices. Yummi Yogis’ aim is to have every customer feel like they have stopped by a local farm to enjoy an authentically prepared meal. By focusing on keeping their business within the community they are able to support Albertan farms and business. Yummi Yogis proves that fast food can be healthy, budget-friendly and quick to your mouth! 

Veggie Truck

This vegan truck brings the best of the meatless world to any event or festival. Gone are the days of simple hot dogs and burgers being the only available options. Their menu is full of vegan chilli corn dogs, jackfruit BBQ pulled-pork burgers, jackfruit poutines and vegan fully-loaded nachos. Look for this animal-loving, locally supportive truck within the city this summer. They also make their very own tamarind iced tea — well worth trying on a hot summer day!

Made Foods:

Made Foods originated in 2015 by a couple of Calgarians who shared a passion for healthy, accessible, simple foods that support local communities. They have several store-fronts throughout Calgary. For a business that places so much emphasis on community, it seems only natural for a food truck to emerge. Made Foods has an awesome program for “zero-waste” and avidly supports other local businesses in everything they do. You can find all sorts of foods on their menu. Whether you’re looking for fresh juices, protein bowls, salads with healthy fats, and/or sandwiches, Made Foods has you covered at your next outdoor YYC event.

Lil’ Truck on the Prairie:

This country truck is the perfect place to grab healthy comfort food while you’re at your next outdoor event. It was founded by three Calgary-based friends who wanted to offer food grown and prepared with love and positive energy. Their menu includes a delicious bison burger, a black bean vegetarian burger, braised chicken cornmeal waffles and a daily country-style dessert. Everything is made daily, fresh and from scratch.


This delicious little pizzeria started as a healthy lemonade stand in downtown Calgary.  Serving only cold lemonade in the warmer months, they soon wanted more than a seasonal option. They wanted to serve organic, toxic chemical-free, locally supportive food. Avatara offers gluten and lactose free options for pizza lovers that don’t always get to indulge. They serve locally made kombucha — if you have not jumped on the ‘bucha train yet, hop aboard because it’s a wonderful ride. They place their highest priority on supplying clean, wholesome quality food for Calgarians on-the-go. They offer pizzas for meat-lovers, vegetarians and vegans alike!

If you hadn’t realized how excitingly fast the street-food market in growing is Calgary, take the time to venture downtown on a beautiful afternoon. Supporting these small businesses that are passionate about giving back to our community in sustainable health-conscious ways makes for a great first date or evening out!


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