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Dinos womens hockey’s defensive strength falls just shy of a complete shut-out

By Tori Taylor, November 3 2019

The University of Calgary played the University of Saskatchewan Huskies on Oct. 26 at the Father David Bauer Arena. The game ended with a 1-0 win for the Huskies despite the Dinos’ strong defensive efforts. 

The first period started off slowly, without too much intense action. With a blank scoreboard going into the second period, both teams turned up the heat. Delany Frey delivered the peak of the Dinos offensive action with her quick breakaway early in the second period. Elizabeth Lang made a speedy snap to Frey. Although the play was smooth — Frey was not able to get the puck past Huskies’ goaltender, Camryn Drever. During the game Denver shut-out an impressive 22 shots on goal.

Frey demonstrated the offensive strength the Dinos are capable of.

We were getting shots and creating a lot of chances however we as a team need to focus on finishing when we have the opportunity,” said Frey. “Our goalie gives us a chance to win every game it’s just a matter of us being able to find the back of the net.”

Dinos’ goaltender Kelsey Roberts had a strong game with 27 saves. 

“The game was a really tight defensive battle,” said Roberts. “ I think we both played a strong defensive game like the score showed.  We were able to break down their forecheck once we adjusted our breakouts — which allowed us to spend more time in the offensive zone.”

The Dinos were short-handed with two late penalties in the very last minute of the second period. Although they stayed on their game for the five-on-three advantage, Huskies’ Shyan Elias managed to rip a shot into the net with one Dinos’ player still in the penalty box. Roberts didn’t let that one goal shake her. With her attitude staying positive, Roberts went into the third period with just as much defensive strength as she started. 

We competed for the full 60 minutes,” said Roberts. “Huskies got an unlucky one in on us at the end of the second period. But we came out and gave them an even stronger third period — just didn’t have any bounces go our way.”

“We had moments where we showed the team that we want to be, the difference is that we need to consistently show this,” said Dinos assistant coach Kelly Bechard. “Moving forward and looking at next weekend versus Alberta, we just have to continue working on our game, quick, close passing and playing as a unit of five.”

Roberts deserves recognized credit for her defensive game as she stood her ground through the third period amidst a rain of shots. On the offensive side, Calgary managed to slam eight shots off but could not sneak one through on Drever to tie the game.

After the late goal in the second period we didn’t give up and we came out and had a strong 3rd period,” adds Frey. She said she is looking forward to future games as an opportunity to “capitalize on all our offensive chances,” with more consistency.

The Dinos played two more games the following weekens against the Alberta Pandas in Edmonton, winning both.

Their next matchup is at back at Father David Bauer on Nov. 14 against hometown rivals the Mount Royal University Cougars. Stay tuned and wish them good luck!

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