2022 SU General Election Full Supplement

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Assad Ali Bik: Why me for VPSL?

This is an important year for student government. Tuition increases, budget cuts, performance-based funding models and mental health are all at the forefront of student minds. The Gauntlet has worked hard to expand our election coverage this year. That means we’re trying a few new things. So, we offered space in our opinions section for each executive candidate to give our readers their sales pitch.

The candidates were able to write about whatever they wanted in 500 words for vice-presidential candidates and 1,200 for presidential candidates. Why are they running? Who are they? Why should you vote for them? Their platforms are posted online. We strongly encourage you to read them and decide on the candidate that you believe best represents your needs as a student. 

Today, our candidates for vice-president student life are presenting their case to you. Pieces have been edited to conform to Canadian Press Style, but their words are presented as-is.

Hello Dinos!

My name is Assad Ali Bik and I am back once again, running to be your VP Student Life. My passion for this position was sparked on my first day of orientation week, during the “Meet your SU” event. The 2016 executive team stood before us, introduced themselves and each explained their role. As each executive was going through their specific roles, I made mental notes of where I could best fit. When Padraig Ma began explaining his role I immediately knew that this vice-president student life (VPSL) is the role where I would excel and do the student body justice in representing them. 

From then on I awaited my second year of university, as that was a requirement to be able to run for the position. At my first opportunity in 2018 I ran for the position of VPSL. I ran with every intention of winning and the unwavering confidence to achieve it. Although the outcome did not favour my initial goal of being VPSL, I gained a far greater achievement. I ran to win but in doing so I spread my message to many University of Calgary students and far beyond. The message of love, unity, support for one another and overall inclusive community was delivered with emphatic passion in my voice which was heard and cherished by many. 

Through my platform and my overall goals, I want every student to be seen in my campaign. I want students to truly know that there is a voice for them that will only speak after listening. Student engagement is vital to the success of all sections of the university, especially the Students Union. Going forward, I will ensure student input is of the utmost importance when making decisions. The only way to gain student input is through student engagement and the only way to engage students is to ensure that they see themselves in the institutional vision/goals and that they are heard. 

I want to create MAGIC during this campaign and ultimately dedicate a year of my life to the betterment of student lives through my role as VPSL. I am most grateful for the opportunity to run and will most definitely make the most of it. 

Lastly, I want to dedicate a portion of my statement to thank my amazing team, from the fantastic, tight-knit team from 2018 to the large and lively 2020 team. I am the utmost humbled by the service, the unconditional love and the unwavering support. I appreciate every single one of my team members and with my whole heart I love them. 

With everything that I have said I ensure IT’S NOT A TRICK. PICK ALI BIK!

-Assad Ali Bik

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