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New food concept opens in MacHall despite decreased foot traffic

By Kristy Koehler, September 18 2020—

Students with classes on campus this semester will find themselves with a new food choice in MacHall. 

Freshco Poke is taking over the space that was formerly occupied by La Prep, next to the much-beloved Bake Chef. 

The proprietors of La Prep decided to leave the franchise to start their own independent food concept centered around poke bowls. Their new menu will allow customers to choose their own ingredients and make their own personalized bowls. 

The University of Calgary Students’ Union operations and finance committee approved the decision in June. SU president Frank Finley said that there’s always a lengthy discussion when considering what food options to green-light in MacHall. Ultimately, the poke bowl concept will provide more diversity of food choices, and Finley believes its something that will be a hit with students.

As for the current state of food options in MacHall, Finley says there’s always room for improvement but that Freshco Poke “provides a new, healthy option” not currently available on campus and that the concept “offers students a lot of choice in what they’re eating.”

During Finley’s campaign for president, he touched on food diversity and the need to provide more options. He says he’s happy with the conversion to a poke restaurant and believes it’s a step in the right direction.

“This provides a lot of high-protein, low-carb options for students and also will meet requirements that aren’t necessarily being met already at the university,” he said.

Students headed back to in-person classes won’t be met with an empty hall and no choices. Finley says he expects regular business hours for most food vendors despite the limited food traffic.

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