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SU Elections 2020: Social Work Representative acclaimed

By Sophia Lopez, October 19 2020 —


Photo of Jovanna Rodney. // Photo courtesy of Candice Jones.

Jovanna Rodney, University of Calgary Sociology and Law and Society graduate, is this year’s Social Work Representative. Rodney wishes to give back to the university community that she says has given so much to her. 

Rodney expressed the importance of having someone present in a faculty that students feel comfortable going to for help or advice, among other reasons.

Through a peer mentorship program and a peer support group that the faculty of Social Work is backing, Rodney plans to provide students the resources they need in order to make their university experience better, especially during COVID-19.

“It’s a peer support group where students can talk openly and informally about what’s going on for them,” said Rodney. “We will have some formal training sessions and workshops around mental health, and how to handle the drastic changes that we have been going through in the last little bit.”

Rodney wants students to know she’s there for them, that any sort of issue that comes up can be discussed with her and solutions can be explored. 

“I think that, especially now, it’s time for students to speak up for issues that they see that’s important to them, and if they need any help with that I’m will to do that for them and be that voice for them if they don’t want to speak on their own behalf,” concludes Rodney.

To learn more about the new Social Work representative, visit her platform.

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