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Ask Her YYC launches their #21in21 fundraising campaign

By Serena Sajan, March 16 2021—

Ask Her YYC has recently launched a fundraising campaign called #21in21 on March 1, 2021. The campaign will run for 21 days and end on March 21, 2021. 

The organization is a local non-profit founded in 2016 that strives to achieve equitable representation in municipal government by encouraging and supporting women to run for Calgary’s city council. The president of Ask Her YYC, Gillian Hynes, expressed that this campaign is the organization’s very first fundraising campaign, but it will surely not be the last.

The name #21in21 was primarily inspired by “2021” since the city will have a municipal election in October this year. Initially, the organization started with a different campaign name — “100 in 100 days,” representing $100 and 100 people in 100 days. However, the organization “wanted to make sure [it] gave the space to a community to support other women who are running when they’re seeking funding for their campaigns,” said Hynes. Therefore, the organization decided on doing a fast and focused fundraising campaign, giving birth to the idea of “$21,000 in 21 days in 2021.” 

The funds will significantly support the organization’s mission and operations. They will be used to create “inclusive programming and networking and community for women who are pursuing political leadership.” Currently, Ask Her YYC has two programs that help prepare women to run in elections: Prepare Her, and Mentor Her. Hynes also emphasized that the funds will further help the organization reduce barriers to participation, which includes increasing accessibility and providing childcare support for in-person programming.

The campaign has raised about $4,000 during the first couple of days since its launch. Hynes hopes that the goal of $21,000 can be achieved by the end of the 21 days. Ask Her YYC is looking for the public’s support and has been raising awareness through networks and other organizations. Whether it is $2, $21 or $210, Hynes says that any dollar amount is helpful and appreciated.

Ask Her YYC has big aspirations to expand further and “have more gender diverse representation in municipal leadership on all city councils,” said Hynes. For the upcoming municipal election, Hynes has kindly shared some advice for students. She said, “know who is running for candidacy in your city […] know who is representing your riding or your ward.” Hynes also emphasizes the importance of understanding candidates’ platforms and policies and how they will support gender equity. 

“Help advocate and amplify women to run in municipal politics […] find the amazing women in your life and ask them to run and support them,” she concluded.

To donate to Ask Her YYC’s #21in21 fundraising campaign, visit their website

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