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Credit Granted option permanent for U of C students

By Danise Simpelo, July 8 2021—

On June 21, the Students’ Union (SU) released an official statement on the University of Calgary’s decision to permanently keep the credit granted option. 

This means that students will be given the option of choosing the Credit Granted (CG) option. Students will have a limit of nine credit units for the CG option over the course of their degree.

The CG model would be available for students across all faculties with some varying restrictions. Individual faculty, programs and departments will be allowed to add additional restrictions on which courses are eligible.

For semester-based courses and block week classes, students can use the CG option three times over the course of their degree. Students must do this within two weeks of the end of their course.

It is noted that students who took the CR option as part of the U of C’s COVID-19 response are eligible for another 9 units under the permanent CG credit.

It is important to check with your faculty, department, program and degree for these restrictions to prevent any surprises when using the CG option.  

In the peak of the pandemic in 2020, many students were experiencing challenges with their education and working from home. As a result, the SU advocated for a Credit Received (CR) option to help relieve academic pressure on students.

The CR option gave students who had passed a course but received a lower mark, to be able to choose the CR option to not have that grade affect their GPA and use that course as a prerequisite for senior level courses.

Now permanently established, the official name for this option was changed to Credit Granted.

With the advocacy work done by the SU, this would be available starting in the Fall 2021 semester. 

For more information regarding the Credit Granted option, click here

For any questions or concerns regarding the Credit Granted option such as eligibility, courses and restrictions, please contact your faculty.

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