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Five tips to survive remote learning

By Josie Simon, October 14 2021—

With little to no surprise, many University of Calgary students are once again staying at home for the fall semester. Albertans once again find themselves at a peak of the coronavirus pandemic and while many students struggle to thrive in a classroom behind a screen, this article will explore five tips to survive remote learning and to achieve your desired grade this semester.

Prioritize your mental health:

Whether during a pandemic or under normal circumstances, your mental health needs to be your top priority. While it is good to excel in your program, your well-being will always be more important. To take care of your mental health, I would suggest developing a healthy sleep schedule, maintaining social connections, planning free time and asking for help when needed.

Participate in D2L discussion boards:

One of the most beneficial features of in-person courses that is absent from remote learning is class discussions. As discussing content material, ideas and questions often help students learn new concepts, participating in D2L discussion boards can help you learn new material more efficiently.

Get dressed as you would for in-person classes:

While it might be tempting to wear pyjamas for remote learning, getting dressed as you would for in-person classes can help you get into the study mood and feel more optimistic about the day. 

Make a schedule and stick to it:

To avoid the cycle of procrastination and cramming and to enjoy your classes, I recommend making a weekly schedule and trying your best to stick to it. As many online courses involve asynchronous lectures and self-paced learning, it is essential to make a weekly schedule to stay on track and do well on your assessments.

In your weekly schedule, I would suggest planning times to watch lectures, read assigned texts, complete assignments and schedule times to prioritize your mental health. Being prepared and avoiding the dread of working on an assignment the night it’s due can help you earn your desired grade, have more free time and even help you enjoy your post-secondary experience.

Communicate with your instructors:

Whether you are confused about an assignment or worry you might not make a deadline, attending your instructor’s office hours can provide you with the clarity required.

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