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Calgary remains on flood watch after extensive rainfall

By Julieanne Acosta, June 19 2022

As the water levels have risen and rain has continued to downpour over the past few days, many have become weary of the effects. On June 13, Mayor Jyoti Gondek declared a local state of emergency which she stresses is only a precaution. 

The local state of emergency allows the water services team to access properties as needed to protect critical infrastructure. The declaration was set to end after 14 days but as of June 17, Gondek declared the city was no longer in a state of emergency.  

“I realize that may cause some fear, some anxiety for Calgarians, especially those who went through this in 2013,” said Gondek in a statement. “I can tell you that you are in good hands.”

A temporary berm was built along Memorial Drive to support the communities more subject to flooding, but it is now being taken down. Calgary Emergency Management Agency chief Sue Henry advises to stay clear of this area during this process.

“It will be an active construction site and we are asking Calgarians to stay away from the area,” said Henry in a statement.

As of now, no major flooding has been reported in Alberta despite the significant amount of rainfall the province has seen. Precautions are still being taken and areas of concern such as the communities along the Bow River are still on flood watch. Several provincial parks are closed for the time being and highway 734 will remain closed over the weekend.

Active emergency updates can be found on the Alberta government’s website. To report flooding in any non-emergency situations please call 311. 

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