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SLC approves first reading of annual budget

By Eula Mengullo, June 21 2022

The 80th Student’s Legislative Council (SLC) held its third meeting of the year on June 7. 

The meeting included a short consultation over the university’s sexual and gender-based violence policy while the remaining discussion focused on the approval of the Students’ Union’s (SU) annual budget. 

The consultation welcomed Deborah Book — legal counsel from the University Legal Services — to discuss specific revisions to the university’s sexual and gender-based violence policy. Provincially mandated to be revised every three years, the new version sought to narrow the language and focus of some of the sections of the document. 

Following the brief discussion, VP Student Life Adrian Alcantara presented the SU’s annual budget for the next fiscal year, effective as of July 1. 

In discussing departmental budgets, Alcantara mentioned that while COVID-19 has affected many of its components, the organization remains in a strong position as it has been covered by contingency funds. He also noted that there have been some supply chain issues affecting some services on campus that will hopefully be resolved as everyone gradually returns for the next academic year. 

For executive budgets, SU executives saw a total deduction of $2500 from their funds to accommodate budget cuts and compromise for certain areas. Specifically, the VP student life budget saw a further deduction of $2000 to be allocated towards VP operations and finance’s special projects and initiatives. Additionally, certain SU programs have also been discontinued to account for these financial adjustments. 

VP Academic Shaziah Jinnah emphasized that cuts were made from all executives’ budgets and have been reallocated to other initiatives to ensure that the SU is financially prepared for the academic year ahead. While financial compromises had to be made in certain areas and programs, many have also remained the same. 

“There are sections of the budgets from the executives that stay the same every year, because they’re events and projects that are mandatory for that position and portfolio to hold,” said Jinnah. 

It is also important to note that this budget has been considered optimal as it was already recommended by the Operations and Finance Committee. 

The first reading of the annual budget was carried unanimously and will proceed for second reading at the next meeting.

For agendas, minutes, and upcoming SLC meetings, visit the Students’ Union website.

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