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Illustration by Sylvia Lopez

Capybaras are taking over the internet

By Sophia Lopez, August 1 2022

I’m sure by now most people have had a capybara grace their eyes on TikTok or Instagram. This cute and unproblematic giant rodent has captured the hearts of so many people — myself included — to the point where most of my feed consists of these furry angels in absurd costumes and sped up videos. Although I love this current trend, it makes me wonder why this specific animal has won the honour of taking over the internet.

The capybara is the largest living rodent in the world, and while rodents are often associated with rats, you can rest assured this one won’t be snitching on anybody any time soon. Capybara’s are known for being a gentle wild animal and they’re usually pretty friendly with humans. This could partly be the reason why they’ve gone viral — so many people are starting to realize how great these little guys are.

There definitely has to be some sort of relatability here as well. Capybara’s are quite shy and stay in groups most of the time, which doesn’t sound much different than a lot of people I know. They also just don’t do anything all day — something I’m sure many of us are envious of.

The capybara trend slowly started around May this year and has taken on many forms such as montages, sped up videos and simple memes of capybara’s wearing suites — or at least those are the ones I get the most. But there are two trend variations in particular I’ll never get tired of. The first one is on TikTok and it’s the sped up videos of capybaras in random situations with “After Party” by Don Toliver playing in the background. Not only do these videos give me instant serotonin, but they also have me giggling every time. I can’t hear “After Party” and not associate it with a furry ball of joy. While capybaras and Toliver don’t have any direct correlation as far as I know, the combination hits every time.

The second trend is on Instagram and it’s the capybara affirmation pages. These pages feature photos of capybaras with an affirmation for each day — a positive message with a cute little capybara in a costume to give you motivation. What’s not to love? My personal favourite affirmation is “I am unique and wonderful” with a capybara wearing a lei and sunglasses. That one will always lift my spirits. 

Capybaras have definitely brought the world together in a way. Most people can agree that these creatures deserve the fame they’ve been receiving. Be wary though, tension may arise when you send one coworker a capybara meme and the others find out nothing was sent to them — this may potentially lead to a hostile environment. Regardless, capybaras were, are and will always be recognized as harmless, chunky little cuties with so much meme potential. I hope this trend doesn’t end any time soon, as I could use a few more affirmations and repeats of “After Party.”

Some of my favourite TikTok capybara accounts include @capybaracertified and @nostressjustmelon. On Instagram, @capymylove and @capybara.affirmations have some quality content as well. Please do your part in keeping this trend alive — I need it.

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