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Dinos Recap: What’s happened so far

By Rodrigo Verney, November 30 2022

The University of Calgary Dinos have officially started their season in a multitude of different sports, but with midterm season and the avalanche of assignments we have to deal with on a regular basis, it can be a bit hard to keep up with our red and gold. Here is a prepared recap of all the main action you may have missed during these last two weeks so that you can jump right back into it.

Photo by Megan Koch

Men’s and Women’s Basketball

The Dinos have shown what they stand for from the get-go. The women’s team has set their eyes on the top spot and hasn’t stopped ever since they started. Their dominance has been felt even before the start of their season with an overall 11–4 record. The start of their season hasn’t shaken their core principles of a careful offence and selfless basketball, winning four of their first five games. 

The story has been much of the same on the men’s side. Using what they learned from the time they spent with NCAA levels of competition to take a hold of the league. They have been implementing a fast-paced offence and a disruptive defence to cease any of their competitors’ offences and turn them into fastbreak opportunities. Their biggest rival, the University of Alberta Golden Bears, still presents some problems as they are the only team to beat the Dinos at both times they met this season. So far they stand with a 3–2 record and are looking to break .800 with how their schedule is set up. 

Photo by David Moll

Men’s and Women’s Hockey

Dinos are killing it on the ice as well. The men’s team holds a 13–6–0 record overall. The best part is that these wins come from significant leads. It’s not just a win, it’s a message. The team now enjoys a great position in the conference without ever being beaten twice in a row so far. Their game-changing power plays have taken them so far already and we hope it will continue to push them into a powerful winning season.

The women’s team has had a cold start to their season so far. They haven’t quite been able to figure out how to set the pace that they want to, and as a result, they started their season losing four of the first five games. The team has to adjust their pieces a bit better and focus on seizing every offensive opportunity that they can get. There is still time for them to bounce back, but they have to do it fast as the ice gets thinner with every game that passes.

The Dinos are taking over the game with a total of 11 victories across multiple sports in just one weekend with the potential to extend this winning streak. Needless to say, the future is looking bright for them, and with events like the Crowchild Classic and Pack the Jack daring closer each day, there is a lot to look forward to.

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