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Different types of people during the winter

By Sophia Lopez, December 1 2022

Unlike other seasons, winter seems to be the one that brings about the most divide in our society. It may seem like common sense for some to wear a certain attire or act a certain way during these cold, and sometimes hazardous, months, but you’d be surprised — or not, if you’ve already lost faith a long time ago. Either way, here’s a few different types of people you’ll encounter during the next few months. 

Mr. Basketball Shorts

I want to understand you and respect you, but it’s hard. You have all spring and summer to wear your beloved basketball shorts but instead, you choose to wear them during the winter — our winter. When you saw that it was 15 degrees Celsius, I think you missed the minus sign.

The drama queen

There’s always two extreme sides on a spectrum. While mister basketball shorts is way out of line — there’s no arguing that — little miss drama queen also needs to chill out. Five degrees Celsius does not call for a whole parka jacket, fleece gloves, a toque and the most durable winter boots. 

The clubber

I get it, you want to look cute and not pay for coat check at the club. But when it’s -25 degrees Celcius out there, you and that crop top won’t stand a chance. I respect you so much, but just remember that hypothermia isn’t a look. 

The Christmas fanatic

I find you annoying at times. Wearing your fuzzy Christmas sweater before it’s even December feels a bit criminal. Fight those temptations please — and I swear, I better not see any Christmas sweaters in January. 

The no-fear-of-death warrior

You are brave, I must admit. The strength and courage it takes to sprint through grounds of ice and snow, without the fear of death, is truly mesmerizing. While you might fail at times, I wish you good luck, soldier. 

I definitely would place myself in one of these categories, but that’s for me to know and for you to imagine. Mind your business.

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