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Black-owned businesses in Calgary you should check out

By Sophia Lopez, February 1 2023

With February being Black History Month, there are plenty of ways to help support the Black community from this month and onward. Don’t know where to start? From delicious food to stylish clothing, check out these Black-owned businesses around the city and what they have to offer. 

Iconic Salon Inc.

Located near the university and with student discounts is Iconic Salon Inc. — a hair salon that has been around for over eight years. From simple cuts to braids and extensions, Iconic Salon Inc. offers various services at a high quality. For more information on different services and hours, visit www.iconicsalon.ca.

Taylor Made Studios

New businesses and artists looking to establish themselves in such a competitive market can look to Taylor Made Studios for services such as content creation, social media management, branding assistance and more. This marketing agency’s owner and founder Taylor McNallie has worked hard to develop her own agency after years of marketing experience and success with the publication Taylor Made Radio. All her services and additional information can be found on www.taylormadestudios.ca

Ella Aesthetics

Lash extensions will immediately elevate any look. Ella from Ella Aesthetics is a certified lash artist from Calgary who has grown her clientele through social media. There are plenty of positive feedback reviews and pictures showing the kind of work she does and the quality she performs at. To check out her policies and prices, visit her Instagram page @ellaaesthetics_

Agụ Athletics

With it’s name translating to lion or lioness, the word Agụ comes from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. The meaning behind this athletic clothing brand is to promote courage and determination — to push people to take on any battle, as described on their website. With several different styles and size options, Agụ Athletics is definitely worth checking out. Visit aguathletics.com

Fari Hara

For custom-fit clothing that’s perfect for special occasions, Fari Hara is a great place to check out for a personalized tailoring experience. With suits for either work, play or celebrations, founders Richard and Hakeem can find the right fit for you. For in-person or virtual consultations, visit www.farihara.com.

Flavours Restaurant

Adebola Esan followed her passion for cooking and took her business to the next level. Preparing authentic Nigerian cuisine, Esan has grown Flavours Restaurant to be recognized as one of the best Nigerian restaurants in Calgary. For good food at a decent price, and for catering services, more information can be found on flavourcuisineandcatering.com

This Black History Month, take the time to learn about and embrace the several different ways the Black community expresses their culture around the city. 

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