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2023 Alberta provincial election: Luanne Metz

By Eula Mengullo, May 23 2023—

Dr. Luanne Metz is an MLA candidate with the Alberta New Democratic Party for the Calgary–Varsity division. She did not respond to an interview request with the Gauntlet, but based on her platform and social media, this is what constituents can expect from her. 

As a globally recognized medical researcher, physician and leader in health care, she is an advocate for publicly funded, sustainable and accessible health care for all Albertans. 

On Twitter, Metz is particularly outspoken about refining the current state of the health care system. 

“I’m running for the NDP in Calgary-Varsity because this is my home, I’ve been here most of my life,” said Metz in a video posted on Twitter.  “But more importantly, I’ve worked in health care all my life, I’ve seen and led initiatives that can improve our health care system.” 

Seeing the health care system under the United Conservative Party, Metz recognized that she had a responsibility to step up and provide better leadership. 

“Over the many years of improving things, seeing a government come in and basically trash a lot of the things that are good really hurts the hearts of the people that are providing good care,” said Metz.

“I felt that I had a responsibility to step up and be involved in the process at a different level than from within the system,” she continued.

“I know we can fix it, we need to do the things that we know work, not random ideas that in many cases we already know don’t work.”

In particular, Metz wants to ensure that Albertans will not have to pay to see a doctor through public health care. On Twitter, she cautioned against the future of health care under Danielle Smith’s leadership.

“Do you trust Danielle Smith’s so-called healthcare guarantee? It’s not worth the giant poster it was written on,” the tweet read. “I know I don’t want someone who has spent more than a decade arguing for the privatization of our public system anywhere NEAR health care.” 

Aside from public health care, the NDP is focused on making life more affordable for Albertans and ensuring good-paying jobs. 

“An NDP-led government will invest in our province’s future,” read a post on Metz’s Twitter. 

“Fixing the health care crisis, making life more affordable, and building a resilient jobs economy.”

To learn more about Luanne Metz, visit the NDP website.

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