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2023 Alberta provincial election: Kent Liang

By Julieanne Acosta, May 23 2023—

Running with the newly-formed Solidarity Movement of Alberta (SM) party, Kent Liang is another candidate for the Calgary–Varsity constituency. Some of the political party’s points — such as the ending of gun grabs, net zero, photo radars and digital identification surveillance — are noted on their website 

Artur Pawlowski, the leader of SM, was previously associated with the Alberta Independence Party as their leader — which sought to reduce the province’s reliance on the federal government — but was ousted by the party on March 28. 

“It has been decided to part ways with the leader of the Independence Party of Alberta, Artur Pawlowski,” read the tweet. “Pawlowski has not reflected [the party’s] vision in a way that properly aligns with what the party and our platform need to convey and communicate to Albertans.”

In a recent video tweet, Pawlowski notes that by going door to door he has learnt that some immigrants have found living in Calgary worse than their home countries.

“Some people told us that they grew up in Poland or from Ukraine originally,” Pawlowski said. “It’s worse now than in Ukraine. Can you believe it? Immigrants are telling us now that what they experienced under communism and socialism was a lot better than what they’re experiencing here in Canada.”

“Less Ottawa! End corruption! Vote for Justice! Alberta Strong and Free,” continued Pawlowski’s in his tweet

A major goal of the party is to “stop the movement to implement communism in Alberta” as noted on their website.

Aside from running in the provincial election, Pawlowski is a pastor at Street Church in Calgary.  

To learn more about the Solidarity Movement of Alberta, visit their website

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