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How to not waste the rest of the summer 

By Sheroog Kubur, August 12 2023—

Where has all the time gone? The fall semester is fast approaching and it seems like summer went by in the blink of an eye. Whether you spent the summer enrolled in those last few courses or cooped up at home all day, here are a couple of ways to spend the last couple days of summer. 

Finish your watch or read list 

Sometimes summer is all about catching up on what you didn’t have time for during the semester. Before things start to get crazy, use the free time you have now to finish off that series or book you’ve been meaning to. If you’ve exhausted the list already, find something new to indulge in that you would have not normally considered. 

Throw an end-of-the-summer celebration 

Since you’ve got the time, why not plan something for you and your friends to celebrate these final moments of freedom? The classic option would be a bonfire, but the nice thing about the summer is that it’s more socially acceptable to do a lot more things. Plan a tea party or picnic, get together and make friendship bracelets — anything that involves spending some much-needed time with your buddies. 

Go outside

During summer we can sometimes take the weather for granted and spend our days cooped up inside, so before the semester starts take some time to just be outside. Whether it’s visiting your nearest body of water or a trip up to the mountains for the obligatory hike, being outdoors is one of the best ways to spend a nice August day. 

Prepare for the start of the semester 

While this is objectively one of the most boring things you could do for the rest of the summer, there’s still merit to mentally preparing yourself for the school year. This involves fixing your sleep schedule, doing a deep clean of your workspace and making sure the classes you’re enrolled in are classes that you’ll be successful in. Any kind of academic preparation isn’t necessary though — you’ll have plenty of time to worry about that in the fall.

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