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FROSH 2023: Guide on where to park on campus

By Reyam Jamaleddine, September 5 2023—

Perhaps you’ve become aware by now that parking on campus is not feasible. Fret not — use this to guide you through all the parking areas around campus. 

Plan A

Brentwood LRT station

Although a little stroll away from campus (approx. 10 mins) there are tricks and maneuvers in this parking lot that you must be aware and diligent of. This free lot fills fast, so don’t expect to find a spot here after 9 a.m., always be ready for a plan B. Before 10 a.m. it technically is a parking violation to park in the lot without using transit, however, the only way to be caught for this traffic crime is if patrolling traffic police see you walking towards the university. Don’t be a fool, be aware of your surroundings. (For legal purposes everything stated in the former is an opinion and false, only park at Brentwood LRT if you plan on taking transit, pinky promise.) 

Plan B 

Lots 10, 11 and 32

The cheapest lots on campus. Sitting at a $9 flat rate for the whole day. If you have a lecture or exam you have to get to and rampaging around campus in your 2007 Honda Civic with a barely afloat tire looking for a free parking spot is not possible, then park here. There are usually many vacant spots. If it’s full, Arts Parkade is sitting at $11 daily flat rate. 

Plan C 

The rampage 

If you’re in no particular rush, take yourself and your 2004 Toyota Corolla on a rampage to the shopping centres around campus, the residence streets and anywhere else you can find. Be aware of signs and traffic laws, and be very diligent. Traffic police are constantly monitoring these parking areas around campus, so be prepared to be ticketed with no mercy.

Plan Y 

Park n’ Ride at any LRT station 

Self-explanatory, park at any Park n’ Ride LRT station and hop on the train. You have already paid for the Calgary Transit pass (UPass) when you paid for tuition, utilize it. 

Plan Z 

Buy a parking pass

Arts Parkade sits at $581 a semester. The outside lots (Lot 10) are $481 a semester. McMahon is $225 a semester. Not ideal for a student on a budget, but if all else fails, it’s too stressful, too time-consuming and too much exercise to constantly fight for parking every day — buy the pass.

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