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Four small New Year’s resolutions to ring in 2024

By Eda Kamal, December 23 2023—

The tradition of New Year’s resolutions has been long practised by those looking for an opportunity for self-improvement. However, it is much easier said than done to uphold these habits. Most people I know, including myself, struggle to maintain their resolutions past February if they are able to make it that far. Perhaps the solution to this is to get a little inventive with the types of self-improvement you want to engage in — here are my suggestions for small parts of your life it wouldn’t hurt to improve in the New Year.

Reorganizing your space

By this time in the year, all hopes for a new start in the Fall semester seem lost. Your personal space may not look spick and span right now, but the cure to that may be a bit of reorganization. Moving around your desk, belongings, or decor may be a simple way to keep yourself sane in the midst of a monotonous routine and environment. 

Taking in the sun

Calgary is Canada’s sunniest city, with 333 days of sunlight per year. Even though it is pretty chilly this winter, it may be worth it to take in the fresh air for a few minutes a day. Taking your eyes off the screen or the textbook and even just stepping one foot outside may help you feel a bit more connected with the world around you, as well as help with that Vitamin D deficiency.

Cleaning up your digital footprint

Most of us have been avid users of the internet since we were kids, and it’s well known to us by now that whatever you say on the World Wide Web has a lasting impact. It may be impossible to delete every regrettable text, but a good place to start is to evaluate which of your inactive emails and accounts could be deactivated or deleted. It’s good to keep tabs on your digital presence. You don’t need that Hotmail email with the embarrassing address you made when you were nine. Back up your data and let it go. 

Daily random acts of kindness

This was one of my resolutions last year. Each day I make it a point to do something kind, whether it be complimenting a stranger’s outfit or surprising my little brother with some candy. This now comes to me like second nature. Try paying forward a meal at a restaurant or picking up the litter in your yard.

It’s never too early or late to start a good habit, but the New Year is a perfect time to commit. Even the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.

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