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Photo by Nicol Garzon

Eras Tour Dinos Night: Now that’s for dinner

By Daman Singh, February 1 2024—

On Jan. 12, the University of Calgary Dinos hosted an Eras Tour themed basketball game night against the Thompson Rivers’ WolfPack. Along with the victory, there was also a special appearance from Calgary’s “Fake Taylor Swift’’ and the whole experience was “bejewelled,” as the Swifties would put it. 

The evening began with surprise limited edition Eras Tour Dinos’ merch and Taylor Swift music — setting up the environment for the night. The crowd was more ecstatic than usual, the merch booth ran out of the free 100 eras tour shirts in around 15 minutes of the doors opening. There was anticipation for how the games might go as it was high stakes given how both the teams were in a winning streak, and neither team disappointed. 

The women’s teams went first and the Dinos lived up to the expectations after their impressive win streak in the season. By the second half, they had a strong lead of 34 points against the WolfPack. The game ended with a sweeping 110–31 win for the Dinos leading the scoreboard in double digits, with the power forward Louise Rouse ending with 21 points to her name. The game ended up feeling very one-sided by the halftime mark, it was clear that the Dinos would win and by the end, it was truly a sight to behold.

The men’s game began after a short pause and was quite more intense from the start, it was a close game through and through with the first period ending in a tie. The Dinos’ home advantage was displayed as Nate Petrone and Noah Warton led the charge against the WolfPack with 27 and 23 points to their name respectively. The game ended on a close 98–83 with a win for the Dinos and left the crowd cheering. 

The evening wasn’t just amazing games, the halftime shows were graced by the UC Dance Company’s performance to “Message In A Bottle (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)” which was amazing as per usual. That wasn’t the end of the Eras Tour themed festivities though, after the Dance Company, Calgary’s “Fake Taylor Swift”, Seraphina Ellen did a magical performance to “22” and brought the magic of the “S’Eras Tour”, as she put it. 

Photo of Seraphina Ellen @seraphinaellen by Nicol Garzon

There’s nothing like cheering for your team at a game, add a fun little theme to that and you end up with a night as magical as the Eras Tour themed dinos night. To keep up with the Dinos, you can follow on their website. 

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