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Mihret’s Podcast Picks: Sex and relationship podcasts for Valentine’s Day

By Mihret Yirgeta, February 12 2024—

In honour of the most romantic day of the year, and to celebrate Sex Week, here are this month’s podcasts discussing sex and relationships.

Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel

Renowned relationship therapist Esther Perel hosts this wonderful podcast where couples discuss and try to solve problems in their relationship. Every Monday, join Esther and her clients in her office as they navigate through the raw and intimate details of their relationship. Couples bring up a range of stories from breakups and open relationships to workplace conflicts and fractures in the family, and Esther’s advice may resonate with you too. As the tagline says, So…where should we begin?

Sex With Dr. Jess

In this educational podcast Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, a Toronto-based sexologist and media personality, shares advice and tips on how to improve your sex life and the quality of your relationships. Answering questions ranging from how to deal with jealousy to getting down in the bedroom, Dr. Jess uses her training, her guests’ experiences and her listeners’ insights to host thought-provoking episodes and a well-rounded source of knowledge for anyone hoping to enhance their sex lives and strengthen their relationships. 

Doing It! with Hannah Witton

This podcast boasts a charismatic host and very open-minded guests discussing sex, relationships, dating, and bodies. Every two weeks Hanna Witton, who has a YouTube channel discussing similar issues, brings on a guest where they talk about their personal experiences with anything from purity culture to disabilities in sex work, to being autistic in the kink scene and many more topics in a series of refreshingly honest and open chats. Incredibly educational and entertaining to boot. 

Inner Hoe Uprising

If you want a more intersectional approach to all things sex, love and dating, Inner Hoe Uprising is the podcast for you. Hosted by four queer black feminists from New York City, smart and funny discussions about current events surrounding sex and dating, and they bring in research too! Described by listeners as “hilarious”, “powerful” and “raw”, this show is a must-have on your podcast rotation.

In Bed with Nick and Megan

Comedians and Hollywood power couple Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally host this hilarious podcast straight from their bed. Every week they bring their famous friends into their bed to have funny and candid discussions about relationships and life at large. Sometimes they will even kick their guests out of bed to have some very raw and sexual conversations. If you are a fan of Nick Offerman’s sense of humour you will love this show. 

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