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Tagged January 15 2015


Damaged instruments make beautiful music

By Liv Ingram, January 15 2015 —

When floods swept Calgary in 2013, countless homes and businesses suffered catastrophic damage. Among the destruction was the National Music Centre’s (NMC) collection of rare instruments, kept in their basement on 11 Ave. … Read the rest


Dinos win secures No. 1 in Canada West

By Stephane Arnault, January 15 2015 —

The University of Calgary Dinos [10–3–4] women’s hockey team defeated the University of Saskatchewan Huskies [10–3–2] 4–1 on Jan. 9 at Father David Bauer Arena.

The contest was a battle between the two … Read the rest


MacHall needs more healthy food options

By Emilie Medland-Marchën, January 15 2015 —

Smoke’s Poutinerie in MacHall was almost a frozen yogurt shop. While that’s still not the best choice for dinner, it’s much better than gravy-splattered fries.

The selection of food in MacHall is dismal. … Read the rest


Democracy weakens with loss of Wildrose

By Alana Augart, January 15 2015 —

On Dec. 17, nine Wildrose Party MLAs crossed the floor of Alberta’s legislature and joined the ruling Progressive Conservatives. Among them was former Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith.

Many Albertans are dismayed at … Read the rest


SU sets faculty association policy

By Kate Jacobson, January 15 2015 —

The faculty of science will soon have a new academic faculty club (AFC) to represent all of its departments.

AFCs are faculty-specific clubs made up of members from departments in each faculty.

The … Read the rest


Class studies causes of genocide

By Scott Strasser, January 15 2015 —

From Ukraine to Poland, China to the Congo, tens of millions of people were killed in genocides during the 20th century. A popular University of Calgary political science class hopes to answer how … Read the rest

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