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I Propose We Never See Each Other Again After Tonight is a heartfelt film with winter in Winnipeg as a backdrop

By Karabee Batta, September 23 2020—

The overwhelmingly long mouthful of a title aside, I propose we never see each other again after tonight (IPWNSEOAAT) has its heart in the right place — in the snowy streets of Winnipeg, during … Read the rest


Off the wall: Forgotten films of the 1970s

By Troy Hasselman, October 27 2018 —

The 1970s were a strange time for movies — a time where experimentation reigned and directors and producers alike took chances on uncompromising, off-the-wall ideas resulting in some of the strangest and most … Read the rest


Calgary Film 2017: Wall

By Scott Christensen, October 3 2017 —

Wall adapts David Hare’s monologue of the same name about the Israeli West Bank barrier, a large wall built by the State of Israel to separate the country from Palestinian territories. Directed by … Read the rest


Calgary Film 2017: Happy End

By Adriana Maria Cueva, October 3 2017 —

Director Michael Haneke delivers a healthy dose of life’s worst struggles with a detached and almost humorous simplicity in his latest drama. Happy End feels like the tired ghost of his previous … Read the rest

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