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FROSH 2023: Movie recommendations for first years

By Ansharah Shakil & Rodrigo Verney, September 5 2023—

Being a first year at a university is nothing like the movies, no matter how many characters you’ve seen having a perfect first year at a college or university. Sometimes, things don’t live up to your expectations, but you can still hope for that movie magic moment. This list of movies will comfort you, make you laugh and help you decide how you want to shape your first-year experience. 

Monsters University (2013)

Aspirational “scarers” James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski experience college, first as bitter rivals, then as best friends, helping the underdog Oozma Kappa fraternity prove its worth. An essential first-year watching experience, even if it isn’t as iconic as Monsters Inc. 

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (2017)

This film depicts the life of Dr. William Marston, a professor who created Wonder Woman and helped invent the lie detector test with his wife, a fellow professor. Marston’s wife and their research assistant Olive Byrne were his inspiration for Wonder Woman. It’s a movie about science, art, discovery and love, and about how where you end up may not be what you pictured, but might be better. 

The Social Network (2010)

A biopic about Mark Zuckerberg during his undergraduate years that is the most biopic to ever biopic, with a colour palette that really reminds me of fall slash winter in Calgary. “Hand Covers Bruise” will always be there for you. 

Pitch Perfect (2012)

Kick back and get your singing voice ready. This musical comedy follows Beca, a wannabe DJ college freshman. She is forced to join an all-girl acapella group and together they work to find their voice and compete against their male rivals in a fiercely entertaining singing competition. You will catch yourself singing along to it. 

21 Jump Street (2012)

This is a perfect movie for that week right before all the college struggles set in. This hilarious action-comedy film is about two underachieving police officers who are sent back to high school undercover to bust a drug ring. You will be cackling as they attempt to relive their best years and fail spectacularly while doing so. 

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

This gem from the turn of the century fills the room with a nostalgic vibe from an era we didn’t even grow up in. It is such a beautifully crafted story that everyone can feel the growing love between Kat and Patrick, all while waiting for the big reveal. If you want to relax and set the gears of time back before the freshman season starts, this one could be the pick for you.

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