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New Music: Hozier

By Carlie Vassos, March 8 2019 —

Hozier is back to delight our ears with his booming and effervescent voice on his first full-length album since 2014. Wasteland, Baby! promises listeners a soothing blend of musical styles across 14 tracks, … Read the rest

New Music: Jessica Pratt

By Troy Hasselman, February 14 2019

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Jessica Pratt operates on a small scale. From her stripped down arrangements to her voice that rarely sounds above a whisper, her composition style recalls the work of golden-era folkies such … Read the rest


New Music: IDLES

By Jason Herring, October 3 2018 —

Through two albums, Bristol punk quartet IDLES have proven they’re not scared to tackle tough subjects. Their 2017 debut, Brutalism, occupied itself with death and addiction. Their sophomore release, Joy as an Act … Read the rest


New Music: Roc Marciano

By Thomas Johnson, October 2 2018 —

Is Long Island scribbler Roc Marciano the best rapper alive? If not, he’s certainly one of the most influential. His undertone voice — cold and sharp like a well-oiled guillotine — can be … Read the rest


New Music: Sleep

By Thomas Johnson, April 26 2018 —

On the one hand, in a branch of rock as prone to cliché as stoner metal, it might have been laying it on a little thick releasing your first studio album in 15 … Read the rest


New Music: Grouper

By Jason Herring, April 26 2018 —

For over a decade, Liz Harris has been creating a lot with a little. As Grouper, Harris generates music that’s breathtakingly sparse, with echoed guitar strums and an analog hiss providing a minimal … Read the rest

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