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Chromeo: White Women

By Manal Sheikh, May. 29, 2014 —

Chromeo’s fourth album, White Women, delivers what their previous album, Business Casual, couldn’t: a clever, tongue-in-cheek summer playlist.

While many artists are just discovering the semi-vintage, always fun, electro-funk music that is a mish-mash of 70s discotheque and 80s pop sensibility, this is Chromeo’s regular mix. And they have finally found the combination that strikes the right vibe.

The infectious hook on the single “Sexy Socialites,” is meant to ricochet around your skull for hours. “Over the Shoulder” has a Daft Punk appeal that is always appreciated. Solange’s cameo in “Lost on the Way Home” works so well in the lush, multi-layered vocals that it almost erases her fight with Jay-Z.

“Jealous” is the ultimate summer song. The antithesis to “Blurred Lines,” it is the sad cousin tagging along with the cool older kids, but to a catchy beat, and lyrics that reveal vulnerability that is anything but creepy. The neediness in the lyrics is endearing and makes the song the best on the album.

“Ezra’s Interlude,” is an intelligent and expressive plea for honesty in a relationship. It’s good to hear another side of Chromeo.

Reinventing a genre is difficult. While Chromeo doesn’t fully succeed — like on “Something good” where production is not as good as the other songs — they have found a balance between Prince’s synth and Marvin’s soul. A must-listen.

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