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New Music: Peer Support

By Connor Sadler, September 11 2014 — View, the latest release from Calgary-based indie band Peer Support, strikes a good balance between the indie-rock style of their early albums and the dreamy, ambient tone of their last release Far From Here. The album consists of soothing vocals complimented by energetic and rhythmic instrumentals.

The EP opens on a slow note with “Tether,” definitely the most out there song on the record, with echoing guitar and haunting, overlapping vocals. The music itself is grounding, like a tether to hold on to.

“Centre and Stone” takes on a rock edge, with stronger guitar riffs and more forceful lyrics. The guitars reverberate, maintaing a dreamy texture without diluting the mood.

“Already Afloat” shifts the album towards dynamic and accented sounds, somewhat disturbing the smooth and surreal tone of the album. But on its own “Already Afloat” is praise worthy — the lyrics harmonize with the guitar and bass and layered vocals keep the song engaging. The album closes out with “Rose,” a heavier song which provides an excellent platform for blending dreamy indie-rock sounds, although it boasts more surreal sounds than your typical indie band.

Peer Support creates music that reflects of the diverse nature of Calgary. Every song on the EP is influenced by different genres and musical styles, yet the eclectic blend of sounds doesn’t feel disjointed. View isn’t the sort of music that everyone will actively enjoy, but it’s good music to listen to when you’re unwinding after a long day of class.

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