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New Music: The Crooked Brothers

By Shivaughn M. King, September 25 2014 —

Winnipeg’s Crooked Brothers are a talented group, as their third album Thank You I’m Sorry shows. The trio’s individual styles complement each other, creating a pleasant musical experience. The album easily fits folksy, country overtones into a wide range of styles and moods.

The album begins with “Dear Antonia,” a melancholy ballad that draws listeners in with relaxing, rich vocals and calm instrumentals. “Pass You By” moves from a calm atmosphere to an upbeat and cheerful mood that is reminiscent of classic country.

“Organs On Demand” is one of the album’s most memorable tracks. With strange lyrics and ominous instrumentals, it’s unusual, but never jarring, making it stand out in a way that makes the album stronger.

“Kennedy,” brings a return to the calm atmosphere and showcases some of the most compelling vocals on the entire album. “Mean Mean Baby” is upbeat and bluesy, while “Lightning In My Chest” is a gritty piece of hard-rock with a folksy twist.

“Sittin’ True” is another quiet and thoughtful ballad. The album ends on a relaxing note with “North Of The Border,” a quiet country song with nostalgic lyrics.

Overall, Thank You I’m Sorry stands out with its blend of styles and terrific instrumentation. It’s an enjoyable album for fans of country and folk music and with its wide range of styles it’s a great showcase of The Crooked Brothers’ talent.


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