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New Music: Taylor Swift

By Katy Atherholt, November 6 2014 —

Seven-time Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has proved once again why she is one of the reigning queens of pop. Her fifth album, 1989, reportedly sold 600,000 copies 24 hours after its release. Swift’s previous album Red sold 500,000 copies on its first day.

Having made her mark in country music, Swift has fully embraced her transition to pop. 1989 is a refreshing cocktail of her new favourite styles: bubblegum pop and electronic.

Swift has always made it her mission to relate to people by presenting herself as a relatable outsider with normal problems.

There are some notorious ex-boyfriend inspired songs (“Out of the Woods”) about a certain British ex of hers that give off a similar feel as past tracks like “Back to December” and “All Too Well,” but with more  synth.

A Swift album would be incomplete without a song to celebrate her just being herself and brushing off the haters. “Shake It Off” is  the catchiest song on the album, but it will begin to annoy everyone at some point.

Love her or hate her, it’s difficult to deny the catchy tracks on 1989 will be successful come awards season.


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