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New Music: Little Boots

By Derek Baker, December 4 2014 —

British electronic singer-songwriter Victoria Hesketh, better known as Little Boots, has left the pop radio scene. But she’s still busy producing her own music.

After departing from her previous label, 679/Atlantic Records, Hesketh started her own label, On Repeat Records. She released her newest EP, Business Pleasure, on the label this week.

The change brings a deeper, rhythmic house feel to Hesketh’s music.  Business Pleasure presents four tracks with infectious bass, highlighted by
Hesketh’s light voice. The opening track and lead single, “Taste It,” sounds like new-age Blondie meets deep house.

“Heroine,” a hypnotic track with simple construction just begs to be danced to. The album’s title track, “Business Pleasure,” offers an upbeat, futuristic-sounding groove.

“Pretty Tough” closes the EP with harmonies and synths.  The song adds to the overall atmosphere of the EP, as Little Boots asserts, “You think I’m pretty, oh?  Well I can be pretty tough.” Overall the EP is a solid effort, but the high notes in this song are jarring and abrasive, making it a problematic track. About halfway through, a high-pitched whistling sound appears and detracts from the music.

Little Boots has found her niche with Business Pleasure, stylistically picking up where previous album Nocturnes left off.  Many electronic songs lack originality and are overproduced, but Hesketh manages to maintain a unique and catchy sound.



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