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New Music: Fall Out Boy

By Connor Sadler, February 12 2015 —

While Fall Out Boy hasn’t released any noteworthy music recently, their new album American Beauty/American Psycho reminds us why the band
became a sensation in the early 2000s.

With catchy tunes that are fun to shamelessly belt out at the top of your lungs, the album brings the energy Fall Out Boy is known for. But this album feels more grown up as the band explores new styles.

The opening track, “Irresistible,” begins with trumpet fanfare alongside lead singer Patrick Stump’s vocals,  which lend a dramatic feel. The lead single, “Uma Thurman,” adds some bubbly surf-rock chords while “The Kids Aren’t Alright” is defined by dreamy synth tones. “Novocaine” brings a more chaotic energy with distorted guitar and overlapping instrumentals.

The theatrical and over-the-top style characterized by choirs of vocals and echoing instrumentals is continued in “Centuries” and “Immortals.” The tracks are attention grabbing, but sound like they’re making up for a lack of substance with loud noises.

The album isn’t a complete departure from Fall Out Boy’s famous pop-punk style. The title track brings back the rapid-fire vocals and energetic style they’re known for. However, Stump’s voice has changed since Infinity on High, reducing the punk feeling of the song.

American Beauty/American Psycho is distinctly Fall Out Boy, but the album still fits in with modern pop music. The unique vocals and exploration of new musical styles keep the album from sounding too disjointed.

Connor Sadler


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