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New Village Brewery beer is to die for

By Sonny Sachdeva, February 26 2015 —

Nestled in the heart of Inglewood, Village Brewery has made a name for itself as a business that makes great beer and supports the local community.

Even the beers’ names are locally inspired. Their newest release, a black saison called Undertaker, got its name from their accountant’s grandfather who was an undertaker for a small village in Denmark.

Jake Clark, a spokesperson for Village, says the brew is more than a fresh mixture for a new season. It represents an effort in pushing the boundaries of beer making.

“It’s definitely a very unique beer,” Clark says. “There’s no one else in the Canadian market making a black saison. I’ve only ever personally come across three or four that are made anywhere in the world.”

What makes Undertaker unique is Village’s decision to put their own twist on the brew.

“Usually a saison is not black. It’s normally lighter, with lots of citrus notes. It’s a drier beer, really effervescent, but we added a ton of malts into ours to flip and change it,” Clark says.

Undertaker explores balanced, yet contrasting flavours. The strong malt aroma sets the tone for this complex beer that at first resembles a Guinness. But the similarities end there. Undertaker is peppery and tart, but evolves to reveal bright citrus notes and a dark fruit sweetness courtesy of the Belgian candi sugar it’s brewed with. Its boldness hits you immediately — with an alcohol content of 6.2 per cent, it ranks as the strongest of Village’s brews — but the depth of flavour balances the beer nicely.

Undertaker is available at Co-op Wines Spirits Beer locations in Kensington, Midtown Market and Richmond. Six-packs are $14.99.


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